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Vic crew gather - cruise - bbq - talk **** ???

soooo is a cruise happening?

First post in a while on here! Would love to get out. Point to point sounds good / lunch somewhere etc
Gotta say I wouldn't mind a bit of a drive / bbq day. It's been a pretty long while since I've gone on one.
How about this route?

Gather at mornington pier, drive to Arthur Seat via Esplanade road? It's actually is a very nice drive along the foreshore, surprisingly there is a bit of hill and twisty road too and then of course, the road to climb to Arthur seat.

Ideal time? Early in the morning

Do we want to cook up a snag or two once we're at Arthur Seat?


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I'd be keen to take out the fox for a run, wont be able to catch up with you blokes though..
Getting some Coilovers put in the car today, so I'll be keen to check out the new handling on the twisties!!
Small details, just ride shotgun with someone and come along for the yarn.

Khoa - that's a pretty small route? We'd be done in 20 minutes.

Any suggestions are welcome .......... .

We can drive all the way to Flinder Pier (lots of twisty there as well), there is a big parking lot there or we can do GOR through the back way but that's a long route.
Lengend, thanks Mike!

...almost makes me not want to get my car running.

Right huh! we'll all just have unserviceable cars so we can ride in Mikes B6....the things a monster.
This sounds awesome. I'd definitely be down. Like the idea of round the bay in a day, as long as there are some good spots for photos.
How about Sun 8th or 15th of Nov?

This is Leg 2 of the cruise since some of you are saying the 1st leg (mornington to Arthur Seat) is too short?


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