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What could this be???

Hmm, your right!

Allroad.. :roll: its probably not badly priced - depending on condition.

I had a quick spin with Dougie the other night - nice old clunkers!
Aussie Audi Guy said:
Hmm, your right!

Allroad.. :roll: its probably not badly priced - depending on condition.

I had a quick spin with Dougie the other night -[ nice old clunkers!]
AARR thats better,well thats what I think of that. :lol:
I think the poor old sales person,probebly young sales person, doesn't realy know what it is.
Sounds like a WR quattro to me.
Should have 8 inch rims and ABS if it's been looked after the price is average.
If anyone is interested let me know and I can put you in touch with the right people.
Look at this before buying!!
http://www.isham-research.com/quattro/caveat.html :wink:
not too sure about the 'clunker' comments; without these cars the modern 'junk' would not exist.
seriously though, its amazing how ignorant audi dealers are re their heritage. they generally have no idea what an urquattro is.
one 'clunker' at the eastern beach speed trials (geelong, victoria) recorded 13.89 for the standing quarter mile on saturday, with a timed practice time of 11.88.all this on a 35 C day that creates havoc with the air masses through the turbo.
not too bad for an old clunker.
seems i might have to fiddle with mine for next year.
regards from sunny melbourne
Guy is just having us on! :lol:
You're quite right of course,the UR quattro put Audi back on the map.
Who knows what would have become of Audi without the quattro. :big_wink:
Old Clunkers! :mrgreen:

Yeah, dont forget I have a UR as well! Depending upon my christmas decision, it may be here in January.

But looking at the one from the UK, it looks like a better car. I dont think I would buy an OS car again without having it thoroughly inspected.......
:D I did track this vehicle down to them, but apart from the same photos I couldn't get any other info.
It looks good, but it is the underneath that costs the bucks.
They are very expensive if you get a neglected one,so the new paint and repaired seat could hide a lot of trouble.That is probebly miles not km on the odometer as the didgital speedo can select ks or mls but the odometer stayes in miles,at least on UK delivery cars.
Even getting someone who knows about them can be difficult,a lot of dealers don't even know what your talking about. :?
This link has the evolution ov the UR quattro,they all will do the 0 to 100 k traffif light GP in about 6.5 sec if running well. :clap:
Check it out here.http://www.quattroownersclub.com/quattro_file.htm

I'm from the Oldtimer Centre, the dealer in question here. Saw the comments about the Quattro and wanted to clarify something so that we don't look like idiots... we know the car is not an Allroad as you can see from the listing on our website. The same system that runs our website updates Drive.com.au, carsales, carpoint, news etc. and some of these websites do their own model-matching... their website decided our car is an Allroad and there's not a lot we can do about it unfortunately..

this car was apparently on the cover of the audi club magazine a little while ago (not sure exactly when)

Thanks Jools,for the clarification.
The UR quattro is often the centre of confusion,even the dealers sometimes don't know at first what we are talking about for parts etc.
Your car looks pretty good,can you give us it's history?
Hi Dougie,

We're a bunch of car nuts in here so we know most things.. we do occasionally get caught out though - but not in this case

We are selling the car on consignment and don't have too many details at hand, although the owner is not far away.

It was owner previously by a member of the audi club, hence the magazine cover.

I believe it's had some regular visits to kevin bartlett's workshop for maintenance and servicing