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Where to buy A4 B8.5 High Flow Cat?


Hi All,

I am planning to go stage 2 with a tune on my A4 and want to get a bolt in high flow cat to enable that. I have searched online and there are some good options in the USA but the shipping costs are high. Typically I can get something like a CTS Turbo HFC for around US$250, but shipping is US$150. I would be happy to buy locally also, but I can't seem to find many options locally and those I find are way overpriced ($1000+).

Can anyone suggest either a local supplier that has a good product for a good price, or an overseas supplier that can do shipping for a reasonable price?


-- Adrian
Go have a chat to the guys at Westside Mufflers Padstow. They done a bit of custom work on my build which was excellent.
Adrian, be aware that many of the OS high flow cat pipes are for LHD only. RHD pipes have a slight kink to get around the steering gear in our cars.
Adrian, be aware that many of the OS high flow cat pipes are for LHD only. RHD pipes have a slight kink to get around the steering gear in our cars.

Now that is a useful piece of information. Thanks for that. Is that known to be the case for the A4/2.0T/Quattro combo? So if shopping overseas, are there any known parts that are OK for RHD Australian cars? I guess if I shop in UK it should be OK?
It certainly is for the A5 but, as the 4 and 5 are essentially the same car under the skin, I'd think it would apply to both. Most cat back systems will be fine, since they hook up past the engine bay, and there's no significant differences between the underfloors of LHD and RHD cars back to the rear bumper.
I recall that US-based Eurocode Tuning did offer an HFC downpipe for RHD cars about 12 months ago. However, they were out of stock when I enquired, and weren't able to give a likely restocking date. Just checked their site now, and nothing about an RHS pipe is showing up.
Shopping UK will be fine, though I've so far failed to find any suppliers there. That's more a comment on how much effort I've put into the search, btw.
That changes things for me. I can't really find any off the shelf bolton parts. Looks like custom may be the way to go. Are there any VAG workshops in Sydney I can call to find out what they use and how much? I am pretty new to Audis so not familiar with all the tuners. I know I can go APR, but that is $$$ They only have a cat and downpipe combo, and will likely be $1500+. Was more budgeting around <$500
I'm Melbourne based, so I can't help you with Sydney shops. Nonetheless, I'd be interested to hear what you come back with.
Actually anywhere in Australia would be fine. I just want to ring a workshop in Australia and find out what they recommend and if they can ship to me for a reasonable price. There must be a bolton solution to prevent workshops from having to custom make all HFC pipes?
I thought there is a platinum Catalytic Convertor producer in Albury, who produces for export to Europe, for Citroen, Renault etc.
They may even be an OEM supplier for Ford & Holden.
Read it in a car mag years ago.

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The $ conversion rate for an AWE is heaps cheaper overseas, but anything over $1000 and you get stung by customs when you import. Is there a way to buy from OS in bits as you upgrade your exhaust? like in <$1000 chunks?

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