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Thread: Noobie with an A3 Quattro....and MMI issues !!

  1. Default Noobie with an A3 Quattro....and MMI issues !!

    HI guys,

    After having many Japanese cars and trying diff styles, I liked the VW Passat some much I decided to buy its upmarket cousin and hopped into an A4 Quattro 3.5 yrs ago......which I've just sold to step into a new A3 Quattro recently. Lovely zippy run-about and better on the road than the A4, which was a bit of a tank really.

    One of the keenly sought new features is the MMI system with voice commands and smart phone integration; alas, Audi Connect is not supported, but I can live without that. But there is a software quirk with the MMI that is killing me.....

    has anyone noticed that the system often refuses to execute a Call or Navigate process, after it finds and lists the correct target number/addr ?
    It is weird, sometimes it finds the contact and asks if I want to call, other times it says there are no numbers listed, yet there they are on screen and they work when I manually select them. Speech recog works fine since it locates the correct record, it just ignores or misreads the record data. This happens for calls, numbers, addrs.

    My phone is an iPhone 4s with 6.01 IOS, and I have hundreds of contacts stored.

    Any thoughts ?

    Thks KP

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    good news update: Audi tested the MMI and found the same issue with the new 2014 model, they have opened a trouble ticket with Audi Europe.....why did it take so long for someone to raise this as issue ?? it's been there for months !

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    Haven't noticed on mine. Early release 2013 8v A3 1.8t FWD version though

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    HI Ryan,

    can u tell me what mobile phone you are using ? The s/w update did little, Audi Service now say the contact addresses will never be selected on voice command, and they cant explain why the contact addresses work at all when manually selected, very poor education on their part.

    Anyway, I'm trying to understand if you were able to Import contact addresses into your MMI and have them work ? My phone is an iPhone 4s.

    Thanks, Keith

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    Default Noobie with an A3 Quattro....and MMI issues !!

    iPhone 4S... I think iOS 7.1.1 maybe you need to update the iOS?

    Never tried importing contact adrress into the MMI though...

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