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Thread: 4.2 V8 turbo

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    Default 4.2 V8 turbo

    Just thought I would post a teaser of my 4.2 turbo build. Currently have the engine out and have tacked the turbos to the header flanges. Will drop off at the fabrication shop next week. Will post some more pics when I get the turbos mounted. Pretty happy how it turned out. You can just see the mani flanges that were used to raise the inlet. Also had to modify the valley pan breather and oil return, lengthen the manifold flap solenoid harness and TB plug,and massage the fuel rail.
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    Holy crap

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    great mate, what turbo's are going in?

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    Just using Garrett T28's (200sx). They are good enough for 320hp max each. Hope to get close to 400kw at the crank. Limiting factor will be comp ratio, but E85 flex setup should combat this. This a budget daily, the goal is to build it for less than 5k. Tuning may push it over that mark though.
    At the end of the build i"m going to post up a list of the costs.
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    What is it going to go in? A B5?

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    Yeah, swap into a B5. Still looking for the right one. If anyone has a 2000/01 manual with a dud engine let me know. The challenge is to do this for less than 5k.

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    Here's a photo of when I was mocking up the inlet. Still using the stock b5 S4 intercoolers and hoses but custom 2.5 inch flat sided oval aluminium instead of the plastic intake tubes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsol View Post
    Yeah, swap into a B5. Still looking for the right one. If anyone has a 2000/01 manual with a dud engine let me know. The challenge is to do this for less than 5k.
    Aiming high. Seriously hope you can pull it off. A bespoke daily for about the cost of a major service is a real target to aim for.
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    If we go over that's alright. I'm doing most of it by myself at home. The E85 conversion and ecu tuning will be the biggest costs. If the T28s turn out to be a little small (looks good on the comp map) I will have them hi flowed to 450hp max ea.
    Trying to do this as cheap as I can under my own steam as I'm off to the engine builders with my I5 stroker engine in Feb.
    So far i've spent under $1500 including the whole donor car (Pickles, A6 4.2 100k just had major service,drove it home $1030).
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