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Thread: What coolant and where?

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    Default What coolant and where?

    Just wondering what coolant people are using and where are you getting it from?

    My RS3 sedan decided to red triangle me on the freeway and tell me so switch off the engine due to a low coolant warning. Took a look and sure enough, level was a good 1cm below the min.

    I've done about 10,000km and have already had to top up oil once and now coolant. Both warnings came during the end of the week so getting to a dealer wasnt an option.

    I'd like to stock up some fluids at home and maybe carry a little bit in the boot so I'd like to know what people are using and where they're getting it from.

    From looking at the reservoir and handbook

    Type: G13
    Color: Pink
    Taste: Unknown but I imagine its be strawberry

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    Iím using Evans Waterless Coolant. Itís a bit pricey but its great stuff. You can buy it almost everywhere.(Supercheap Autobahn,EBay). As you know hot water boils and evaporates so if you have no water no coolant loss. Google it up and have a read all about it. Lots of Pros no cons.

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    This is the oem

    If you canít wait, go to supercheap & buy some pink nulon coolant. It will get you going

    Personally I would stick with that as Evans tends to raise the boiling point & you can only run Evans with Evans so to speak. You canít top up with anything else & you need to flush the system completely to fill it.

    Evans is also a lot thicker & tends to hold the temp higher overall. Just my personal experience running it in a supercharger cooling system.

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    I use Penrite 8 year / 500,000 Km red in the 5 Ltr pack. Get your demin water from woolies / coles etc. Car parts can charge a premium for it sometimes.
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    McCarrolls VW ebay site currently has the G13 for $20/1.5L - not bad if you can pick it up from Waitara (Sydney)! Got some yesterday -otherwise +$13 delivery I believe.

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    So a month has passed and its red triangled me AGAIN.

    Can anyone give me any info at all to put my mind at ease because right now, given all the issues i read people having, I thought I was doing pretty good. Now I feel like im at the start of a very slippery slope...

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    It shouldn't use coolant.
    Check for leaks and ask your Audi dealer and make sure it gets recorded for any future warranty claims.

    As your car is filled with G13, and I presume it's still under new car warranty, I would only fill it with G13.
    Other red coolants from auto parts stores won't necessarily be compatible with the factory coolant.
    Go with deanglej's suggestion - VW dealerships are usually cheaper than Audi dealerships for the same part.

    For your oil consumption woes, get those recorded early too. It's not unusual for low milage engines to use some oil as they run-in. Should all be resolved by 30,000-40,000km though.
    Do the 5 pots suffer from the oil consumption issues which plagued the early EA888 4 pots? I would have thought they'd have that all resolved by now. If oil consumption stays within the Max/min line between oil changes, that will be regarded as acceptable.

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    I popped down to audi and they also suggested to book it in for a leak check. I haven't found any pools under the car but they also said there's heaps of trays under the car for the coolant to get stuck in so it might not drip.

    Ill have to hit up VW to see what they charge, Audi wanted $60 for a small bottle...

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