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Thread: Noob question - Best place to source Genuine parts?

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    Hi Guys, i'm new to Audi's and new to the forum. I just purchased a 2011 Q7 TDI with 120,000km on it. Quite happy with it overall, however it does have a leaking rear main (I knew about it when I purchased it and got a substantial discount as a result). As a result I will be doing some substantial maintenance on it in the near future including: Rear main, timing chain tensioner, and other other seals in the area. I'm quite capable of doing all this myself and not paying the huge workshop fees to undertake the work, however I am finding it hard to settle on a source for reasonably priced genuine or aftermarket parts.
    A google search around doesn't appear to yield anything in the way of engine parts suppliers down under, and the international ones seem to vary substantially in what they sell and the prices, and I haven't been able to find any threads already on here on the subject.

    Can the experience Audi folk here recommend both Australian and International suppliers? I live in Far Nth QLD and do have a dealership nearby, but not surprisingly the OEM prices make my eyes water and I would prefer not to have to pay them if I can plan ahead and order them from afar.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    If you are up to wrenching (as the yanks say) then your best investment will be an Audi parts book for your model in one form or another. From that you can input the part number directly into your search engine and get some indications of source. Many seals etc are just brand name parts and you can order them from any bearing supplier. Inputting an Audi part number can also throw up a number of Australian suppliers that you may not know of. There are a ton of US based suppliers, UK and Euro too. My recent experience is that I've purchased locally cheaper to my door than from any OS supplier, but only on some parts.

    If you do purchase from OS, just be aware that some parts are for LHD cars and some countries do not get our models so some parts will be similar but not the same and may not work.
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    Hi IchBautAuto, thanks for the reply. I purchased the Factory Service Manual, however it doesn't have the part numbers in it. What's the best place to get a parts book, I can't say I've come across one before. I've been using a few different parts sites to look up the part numbers for my car, but as you mentioned, I'm a bit worried about their accuracy as most of them are overseas and most don't recognise my Aus VIN number. If I could find a reliable source for the correct part numbers on my car, it would make it a lot easier finding decent prices. I certainly agree with being able to get generic Seals locally being a much better option, it's just been difficult so far converting the VAG number into a Generic equivalent (or more my confidence that i'm right hasn't been there).
    One of the ones i've been puzzling over at the moment is a replacement timing chain tensioner. My Q7 is fitted with the CJGA 3.0 TDI, and that model engine doesn't seem to match up with many overseas parts catalogues. I've had some success with, but i'm a bit worried about purchasing a tensioner from overseas and getting my car pulled apart and finding it's incorrect as there seems to be a lot of variations.

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    For a parts catalogue, try
    That will give you the European parts catalogue, so you should have more success with diesel variants than in diesel-phobic 'Merca'.
    Alternatively (navigate to: /Welcome/Free Services/CarProg2)

    The best overseas site I've found for genuine parts is:
    Easy Square.
    You will need to sign up for an account to access pricing. They are based in Holland and have quite reasonable freight rates.
    You will need to know your part number for Easy Square, as last time I used it there was no look up catalogue or menu (though I note the site has had an upgrade).

    Of the regular US suppliers, I use FCP Euro. They usually give a choice of aftermarket and genuine on many parts. They also provide the OEM suppliers for some parts under their respective brands (such as Loemforder, TRW, INA, Bosch etc) thus avoiding the premium of 'genuine' parts.
    Unfortunately I dont know the genuine supplier for VW engine seals.
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    Thanks 27Litres, that'll give me something to work with. Cheers

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    I find just getting the part number and google searching everywhere.
    But always check your dealer and local parts first

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    G'day,Simon here,not quite trying to hijack the OP's thread but similar and different.
    I am interested in purchasing a 2007 S5 manual.
    I had a PPI done on the car and it came up good except for the full set of front control bushes/arms.
    Can someone tell me where I can find these at a reasonable price,8 of.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Go back to 27litres response and let your fingers do the walking. Shipping will be something to watch carefully, it can be way over the top.
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    Yes shipping is the hard hit sometimes more expensive the the part it self. I find itís never a good idea to just buy one part and pay over $50 postage.
    Iím hitting 100,000kms on my RS5 so Iím getting ready for a carbon check and clean. But before if the shipping Iím just going to order all my parts for the service at the same time

    List of shops to look on are

    ECS turning
    FCP euro
    Deutsche Autoparts
    VAGPARTS Australia

    But before you even buy a part, try and see if you can find the actual manufacturer of the OEM part and or after market using a parts finder site called
    Iv saved a lot on my M6 especially when buying pulley rollers and water pumps.
    For instance a BMW pulley with a BMW part number cost around $120 but I found out that the actual manufacturer was INA and costed $23. Same part, different part number.
    Same with my radiator fan. With the BMW part number is $1265, with the BEHR part number was $490. Again same identical part, different part number. So itís definitely worth finding out who the actual manufacturer of the part is and buying it directly from them with out the OEM part number.

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