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Thread: iilumo lighting upgrade (LED & HID) A MUST!

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    Default iilumo lighting upgrade (LED & HID) A MUST!

    Good afternoon, thought I would share my positive experience with a brand I recently dealt with. I just hate companies that sell crap. This is not one of them. This company deserves the recognition. I will try and keep it short

    -iilumo automotive lighting- Australian Owned company and based in Melbourne
    In my A4 B7 where the series was released 13+ years ago the factory lighting shows ageing and lack of performance, as many other users with slowly ageing vehicles will experience, it came factory with reflector headlight units (S4 & RS4 xenon projectors), Stock/factory equivalent bulbs just weren't cutting it anymore so soon after I took ownership I went ahead with some Osram high performance halogen bulbs which did increase light output and distance as advertised, however they have a very short light output life as it is a higher performance globe, thus the 6 month warranty advertised with them*, they did blow at the 7 month mark. I decided to then try the Philips racing vision bulbs which had similar advertised specs as the Osrams, however 1 side blew after 6 months bang on, warranty was out by 2 weeks.
    I purchased 2 cheap ebay led kits to test out which I ended up returning both as they were pure crap and the light output was scattered and not better than halogen globes except the whiter light.

    I have been keeping my eyes on iilumo's site deciding what lighting upgrades I wanted and decided to go ahead with their Cosmic+ LED set, they had a Black Friday Sale which I had to take advantage of. The appeal of the website is really nice, professional and well laid out. The quality of their products from just the pictures alone looked good +.
    I received the set of LED bulbs to replace the low beam bulbs only which was a breeze and fit all in the headlight housing (I did require additional canbus module as the canbus is/has been extremely sensitive). I will most likely also replace my high beam and fog light bulbs with their LED options. The light output and beam pattern is extremely crisp and is well focused from the well designed and high quality LED set. After having the beam pattern alignment it really peaked the bulb's performance and night time lighting visibility as well as improved safety and experience. The difference is night & day. They do not look 'cheap' or 'ricey' as many aftermarket upgrades may do. The 3 year warranty is also great and works out cheaper than purchasing high performance halogen bulbs repeatedly.
    Factory bi-xenons were a potential option, but with them going for $500> for a used set in average condition, it was not cost friendly as they may require new ballasts and bulbs.
    The guys over at iilumo headquarters was also able to capture some pictures of the bulbs installed, lucky I hand washed it earlier in the week. Big thanks to iilumo & Alex. They are professionals in the trade. Check out their website and socials, they are active on Facebook and happy to answer any questions and upgrade options promptly! They have plenty of products waiting to be released in the new year. A large quantity of their users are JDM based users, however they have lighting upgrades even for the newest vehicles including Euro & VAG, many users with older based series will experience the poor lighting performance, I hope this may increase your confidence in upgrading. If your family members do not know what to get you for Xmas, give them a hint.

    I do not work for them or sponsored in anyway (I wish I was) this is truly my honest opinion and experience.

    Cheers! Have a good Christmas everyone and Stay safe.

    Next on the to do list, clear corners?
    I have Lamin-x film on the fog lights.

    Light beam pattern on a white wall in lit daylight conditions
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