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    Default Transmission fault code help

    Hi all, im wondering if anyone has experienced the P2754 fault code - Transmission Fluid Cooler Control Circuit low.
    I have found numerous old posts (2017) on other forums about it, but everyone talks about the valve/pump failing internally causing coolant to corrode the terminals in the plug. I have checked mine and it is clean and dry with no sign of coolant.
    With every shop near me wanting $200 just to plug their scan tool in (I already have one) im hoping someone else may have come across this fault and what their fix was. Just trying to confirm it cant be anything else before i spend the $ on the part.
    Thanks in advance

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    Where abouts are you?
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    I’m In Newcastle nsw
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    Tried checking Transmission Fluid levels? Could need a top up. Simplest and easiest check 1st. I’m in Sydney it I would scan it for you.
    S3 2000 147GTA 2003 R32 2006 S3 2009 SQ5 2013 RS3 2015

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    Wouldn’t hurt I guess. I was thinking it would be right though. Audi dealer done full timing chain kit, rear main, changed tranny oil back in January all under warranty. No leaks and hasn’t missed a beat until now. Stupid question probably but can you tell me how to check it? Is there a ‘cold level’ check? I did find info a while back about a check that needs to be done when oil is between 2 specific temperatures. I’m still learning about this car. I did buy a 1/2 decent scan tool, can do long coding and other stuff with it. But can’t seem to find any ‘live data’ for that particular pump/solenoid whatever it is.

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    So Iíve had the oil level checked this morning. Itís spot on......

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    Yeah that’s good to know. Need to find someone with a VCDS cable near you that could help out!! Maybe a case of beer would help out someone extend their arm!!??
    S3 2000 147GTA 2003 R32 2006 S3 2009 SQ5 2013 RS3 2015

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    Definitely a fan of the beer economy 👍🏻 Most shops that have it want $200+ just to plug it in. The scan tool I have has vag software on it for long coding etc. so Iím not sure what extra Vdcs will tell me. Iíll have to ask around I guess. Or just bite the bullet and take it to Audi....

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