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    Hey guys, new to the forum but have been reading some stuff about the SQ5 and issues / feedback with it etc.

    Lately I've been eyeing an SQ5 to replace my current car - currently have a 50-series Toyota Aurion. Also been looking at regular Q5's, however I'd like to have performance which betters the Aurion (for those who aren't aware, it's definitely no slouch like people would associate a "Camry" with) and not wanting to regret not getting the S model.

    Budget is around $40k and would be looking to buy within the next 6-12 months, this therefore limits myself to only the older 8R Diesel models (2013 - 2015ish) with around 80,000-120,000kms+, unless pricing goes down with the expected new TDI model to be released (not a bad thing!).

    So far, the only real major issues I've read about are :
    - Potential DPF issues
    - Sunroof creaking

    My driving consists of around 50/50 freeway/urban driving, so keeping it at 60-80km/h+ and in a lower gear to keep the revs up (for the DPF) won't really be an issue. I do also enjoy some late night drives (when lockdown is over) so this should also keep the DPF happy and clear.

    Being new to Audi, just got a few questions...

    The transmission in the 8R SQ5, I believe, is a regular ZF 8-speed w/ torque converter? I've always thought of the SQ5 having a DCT? In this case, I'd be more at ease with it being a TC as it's generally more reliable and servicing wouldn't cost such a fortune.

    Going on a test drive - what would be the telltale signs of the DPF having issues? Power loss / going into limp mode? I'd hate to buy one, then be up for a $4k+ bill to replace it shortly after purchase.

    If there are any other issues to look out for, would appreciate if you're able to share :)

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    The only issues we had with our SQ5 TDI was the sunroof. We had the known issues with it creaking which were resolved by the dealer applying some grease in the runners, and a more serious issue where it decided to open itself at 100kph when we had skis on the roof racks, so the roof jumped out of the runners altogether and couldn't be closed (which wasn't fun driving home from the snow). I believe that turned out to be an issue with the roof control buttons and not associated with the normal creaking issues; either way it was also fixed under warranty by the dealer.

    We'd take it for 150km drives to the coast fairly regularly so we had no issues with the DPF, even though the majority of the time it was just driven short distances around the city.

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    Thankyou for the reply - the sunroof isn't a major issue (compared to the drivetrain, transmission, DPF etc), although that would be quite annoying with some creaking - I mean, it was a $90k+ car when new and you don't expect to have those sorts of issues.

    Are there any other issues that I should be prepared / look out for?

    I guess the big thing for me is the DPF (considering a replacement is $4k+ - kinda makes brakes / tyres etc seem cheap) and how to distinguish if there may be any issues / listening for sounds during a test drive etc.

    I've checked some independent Euro workshops for service pricing, they all seem to be around the $500-$1,000ish mark (minus parts) for a regular service - considering that my Aurion is around $200-$300 to service (minus parts), I'd say that the pricing is okay for a Euro performance car.

    Tyres - I'd be looking at around $350+ per corner for decent ones - specifically the stock 20" tyres.

    Insurance is a tad more expensive, but thats to be expected.

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    I have owned my 2014 SQ5 from new, and have just over 95000km on it.

    I donít have a sunroof, so never had that issue, and the only squeak/rattle I have noticed is the tailgate struts. Put some lubricant on it regularly, and no longer an issue.

    As far as the DPF, I havenít had issues, but one of the members on here mentioned it about 2 1/2 years ago. He mentioned a product- Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter Anti Clog, that you add to the fuel tank.

    I have done this a handful of times over the last 45000km, and I have noticed that the DPF might self clean a little more often (?). So, I donít know whether this maintenance has prevented an issue, or if my driving habits meant it wouldnít happen anyway, but so far so good.

    From what I can tell from ownership, if you get a well maintained example, then it will likely turn out to be a great car.

    All the best with your search.

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    The 5Q5 with the TDi engine is a great and completely competent car.
    I really only had one issue which was a couple of slightly loose turret bolts on the front suspension which resulted in a knock when encountering harsh bumps.
    Correctly diagnosed by Audi CC and no other issues.
    Sunroof fine throughout.
    No DPF issues despite running a DTUK tuning 'box'.
    Like everything the DPF has a finite life and the replacement cost isn't much different than replacing discs and pads come brake time (note for RS3 owner the spelling = brake not break!).
    So my message would be to check over all things that might need replacement at that mileage and don't just focus on the DPF as Audi OEM spares are pricey.
    I dinged my driver's side mirror reversing out of a tight garage early in the ownership and just the plastic clamshell cover was $1000+ and the entire mirror replacement parts totalled north of $4000.
    In summary the SQ5 diesel is a great car, competent at everything but it's not about being able to afford to buy an Audi but being able to afford to own an Audi.
    Good luck and enjoy the experience.


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    Thankyou for the tips on these - it will be my first Euro car having owned Japanese / Australian cars prior and I understand the extra potential expenses of such.

    Noted on Liqui Moly DPF Anti Clog (will probably keep a bottle in the car at all times) and the small niggling issues / replacement parts - $4k is a hell of a lot for a mirror assembly!

    My $40k budget is inclusive of :
    - My trade-in / sale of my current car (probably looking to get around $6-8k'ish via trade-in or $10-12k private),
    - The SQ5 itself (in around 6-12 months - I'd say a 2014-15 model with around 100,000kms would be pushing around the high $20k to low $30k mark or so - I currently see some in the low $30k range, but with high kms), plus
    - Budgeting for potential costs soon after purchase ie. DPF / brakes / rotors etc and insurance.

    Considering that the new TDI is expected sometime soon - this may drop the price on current 8R models?
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    Hi mate,I’m the fella that had the DPF issue with my SQ5. I live in central QLD so Audi Australia blaming the issue on my driving style was a load of crap. Lucky the Townsville dealership knew better and fixed the drama for me. They put me onto the DPF additive and I haven’t had a drama since. The creaking sunroof thing happened to mine as well and they sorted it out after 12 months of trial and error. Besides those things it has been a great SUV and I still love driving it and owning it. Yesterday I had the pleasure of following my car for 2.5hrs,my mate was driving it and I was on my ZX14 Ninja doing a trip to Mackay. Now I know how good it looks from the rear as I overtake people and leave them behind lol. Mine now has 124,000 Kay’s on the clock(you can buy it if you want because I’m upgrading to a SQ8 or the new SQ5 TDI. I would sell mine for 30k). At the end of the day if you decide to buy a TDI SQ5 you won’t regret your decision,they are a great machine. I will miss mine when I get my SQ8.....oops did I say week 43 and hopefully pick it up in mid Jan 21!
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    Thankyou - I did see your thread about the DPF issues - sorry to hear you had such trouble to rectify.

    I wouldn't mind buying if you had it on the market in 6 months time or so haha.

    I'm in Melbourne so a purchase isn't possible at this stage (unless local) considering the Stage 4 lockdowns here.

    So it seems the only real highlighted potential issues are the DPF and sunroof.

    Are there any other things to look out for, ie. Potential transmission issues / MMI issues / Preventative maintenance that should be done / issues with build quality etc?

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    Hi mate,as far as build quality is great. Iíve never had any dramas with the MMI and the tranny has never missed a beat. Fuel economy is excellent considering how much power and torque the SQ5 has. You will not be disappointed if you end up getting one.

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    As one of the lucky ones (IMHO) who managed to purchase the Launch Edition model of the SQ5 back in June 2013 when it was first brought to Aust, I can fully endorse members previous comments on the SQ5. Back then all SQ5's were diesel - then later petrol, then only petrol. But now Audi are bring back the TDI again - which is brilliant. I still own & drive the beast daily, now with over 145k's on the clock. No issues ever for me - I do use the Moli product occasionally to potentially protect getting DPF issues. If you get the SQ5 you won't be disappointed a great vehicle & a powerful drive.

    For Morrie, pleased the big 'D' has been made for the SQ8 .... wow serious bucks ... I think I'll stick with the SQ5 (wallet over heart) .... maybe upgrading next year (TBA) on the upgraded SQ5 TDI.
    SQ5 - MY13 - Launch Edition

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