Having problems getting SMS working through the MMI on my 2020 A3 S-line when connected with bluetooth.

Unless I was dreaming I'm sure it worked the day I picked it up. We paired my phone at the dealership and everything seemed fine. I only noticed a couple of days later when I received a message on my phone but the MMI didn't notify me and then I checked the "Telephone" menu and there's nothing for messaging.
Anyway I know my phone supports Messaging Access Profile (MAP) and I used it for messaging in a different vehicle for the past 5 years no problem and plenty of rentals.

I've tried pairing the device a few times after deleting the phone from the MMI and also deleting the MMI from my phone.
1st time I let the MMI find my phone and then selected the phone, etc. 2nd time I did it the other way around, letting my phone find the MMI and then selecting the MMI from my phone.
Both times I got the dialog with check boxes for call audio, media audio and contact sharing. All checked.
Whenever I paired this phone in my old vehicle (or rentals) it asked me for permission to allow messages. That dialog never appears when I pair in the Audi.

What am I doing wrong?