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Thread: 2005 2.0t B7 quattro relay help to identify correct ones

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    Default 2005 2.0t B7 quattro relay help to identify correct ones

    Has anyone got a 2005 2.0t B7 quattro. Could you let me know what relays you have in your ecu box under your ecu

    The B7 i bought as a project came with incorrect relays which has caused me a no start no crank issue. I have been on googles for days now searching almost every image and comments. Ive checked over all the fuses and they look great.

    So ive narrowed it down to 2x 614 relays which is superseded by 644s.

    Heres a picture of what the pins look like. My ecu box only has ports for 2 relays. Some other variant cars like b6s or diesel b7 could have 3 relays in their ecu box.

    As for the 614/644 relays. Im not 100% sure those are the ones for my car. Diagrams on google says the left black port which would be R3 is pump relay? And brown port R2 is main relay. Thats going off the diagram ive seen

    Pic 1 is my car with missing fuses. The rest is from my searches. That helped with narrowing down the correct one. Would it be safe to say this is the correct ones for my car?

    Thank you to those that took the time to help me out.

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