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Thread: A4 B8.5 Gen3 IS20 Downpipe options?

  1. Default A4 B8.5 Gen3 IS20 Downpipe options?

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2014 A4 Gen3 EA888 with the IS20 & I am finding it pretty hard to find any information on any manufacturers that make a downpipe to suit our RHD version, what has anyone else done with the same model?

    I know in the US the B8.5 didn't get the Gen3 with the IS20 so most adverstised downpipes may not work, they still had the K03 with the Gen2 motor. As far as I know they got the Gen3 in the B9 so would a B9 downpipe mate up with the factory B8.5 exhaust? Has anyone tried or know if the B9 & B8.5 exhausts are interchangeable?


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    I'm not sure, but try the guys at europeanautotech and see if they can help

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    I saw a rhd downpipe for the B8.5 in a Facebook Audi buy swap group, seller is chasing $750
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