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Thread: B5 RS4 engine upgrade

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    Ed, you need to read the posts. A few back there is a picture of a scored cylinder wall. It goes from there just to produce a running motor. No big dreamtime project that vanishes over time, just a fresh motor for the day when.......

    In short I have a spare RS4 motor that ingested a small screw in no 6 cylinder. It's been around for some 10 years now. Knowing the impending scarcity of these things, took the risk and grabbed it at the time.
    No 6.jpg

    As you know, parts for these are pricey and not so easy to get so I took some time to "accumulate" the parts needed before starting on a rebuild. Just to get the block back to useable is an overbore and hone, and the short motor needs the works, oversize pistons, bearings, full set of ARP bolts, oil pump chain and tensioner, gaskets and you know the list. Genuine CHRA's, new heads, clutch. I've already had to order custom made steel gaskets in a few areas and no doubt there will be many small bits that will be a problem as it progresses. Even the piston oil sprayer securing screws are on back order from Germany.

    I have the whole package inc manifolds, sensors, injectors, carbon fibre engine panels, wiring loom, so it will be a drop in ready to run package.

    The goal is to have a full RS motor and gearbox assembly ready for use. Built to take a comfortable 600 HP but it will commission with 450-500 HP. Not much use letting it sit in pieces. Unfortunately it will be a min of $25K just for parts without any labour so I won't take the last shilling out of my pocket to finish it early. In due course it'll end up in my RS4 and I'll have a used engine / gearbox combo to store under my bed.
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    So those manifolds are for stock turbos, and the Clutch disc Standard looking friction material but for a single mass? I saw the scored bore but I figured this was unknown till you pulled it apart, thus I was trying to figure out why you had forged pistons in a box , then there's (potential) Solid lifters and rods?
    Fair questions asked.....
    Glad to see you putting that keen mind and capable hands to some satisfying use.

    just some FYI as Ive pulled apart a few 1.8t. Each (1.8t) block and head Ive pulled apart so far needs nothing but a new set of exhaust valves (triple groove) some IE rods (for safety when unknown torque comes into play) a set of head studs or bolts.
    No wear on walls, Rings, Rod bearings or Rod journals on crankshaft. 20 year old motors with practically no measurable wear.
    I also definitely keep Dual mass where I can as I run full face Cera-metalic disc that combined with Dual mass feel Factory engage but much crisper. No chatter or shudder but immense torque holding.

    Keep posting as you go Tony, Its a great read.

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    The tubular exhaust manifolds will take RS4 or RS6 turbos. Ordered them years ago from a guy in UK who looked after some high performance cars and they took ages to appear. I haven't looked at the flange dimnesions of higher end turbos although I believe that most of the sane street equipment will fit. The clutch is a Sachs plus 15 on a dual mass flywheel. Easy enough to change out if the need arose. I bought it with the heads off and one clearly beyond repair. It came with two as new heads (no cracks etc) so it was a known product when I picked it up. The loba cams were an impulse buy and having cut my teeth on Kawasaki 900 motors, the PIA issues with shims are well known. Big decision on whether to use them or stay with the standard set up.

    Agree they are as a family, absolutely tremendous motors. When I stripped this one, 5 bores were as new, piston thrust faces still have machining marks, even the 6th is only damaged in way of the score. What I did find not so good was all the bearings were a little worn compared to others I have seen (this may be because it sat around a bit inbetween use) and the oil pump chain tensioner was badly worn. Not too much of an issue but good to know they may be weak points.

    Just waiting my place in the queue for machining. Then I can get the block assembled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockersteady View Post
    Hi Tony,
    Whats the goal here? I see a few pics of parts, but you are being a bit cryptic (or I cant read it as my mind works in logic only and data must be input correctly or I cant Kompute) or in other words, if we may comment, where are you going with this? "been accumulating stuff for years to get this done" get what done?
    By the way Rockauto has a pretty good choice of NLA parts. :)

    Ed thanks for the reference to RockAuto, I didn't know of them. I do now, just ordered rear ball joints for the 89 Quattro. Iwas having trouble sourcing them until now.
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    Progressing, the block is with the machine shop as we speak. Took it there in style.

    on the way.jpg

    Received some RS specific engine gaskets yesterday via Spareto in Estonia, great service.

    As per usual, it is absolutely amazing the price spread on some parts. The pilot or spigot bearing in the flywheel for example. Its an INA bearing and the prices ranged from $180 in Aust to $16.94 inc delivery from the US for an identical product. A lot of this stuff is multi platform so there isn't an RS tax, just plain over priced.

    An area where we will all suffer eventually is the obsolete plastic valves in the engine bay, basically non return valves. I have already come across a few that are NLA without apparent replacement so this is going to be an interesting process to make some that will blend in to the engine bay. The joys of.....
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    3d printing my friend

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    Yes, I have had some 3D printing done by a real gentleman here on the forum. I'm not so sure that something like this is a suitable candidate. Appreciate that anything is possible but the time and surface finish would make an expensive exercise and getting the N/R component to function reliably may not be so easy with printing.

    check vv 171611933.jpg
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    Progress, it's home!

    New capacity 2737cc.

    bored block1.jpg

    Now my own scrub up while waiting for some bits. The Loba mechanical cams are looking good to try, maybe.
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    Looking Good!
    Have you thought about what turbos you intend to use?

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    Yes and no. I have a set of factory chra's and a set of spare turbos so 50% chance it will end up starting on new standard kit while I ponder. The aftermarket options are endless and TTE is an obvious starter. Only criteria is it has to be a driveable street car so no huge blowers and lots of lag. Luckily all the tuning will be bolt on so the rotating assembly will be built to take the worst and all the other stuff can be changed out without removing heads or opening the block. If I use the loba cams the first experiment will be to see what they actually do.
    my loba us00.jpg
    Almost no one who was runing them is still around so even getting first hand knowledge of them is hard. I'm even toying with the idea of trying some US stuff but that is not set in concrete either. Something to ponder while scrubbing the block.
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