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Thread: Help with markings on ceramic breaks in my RS3

  1. Default Help with markings on ceramic breaks in my RS3

    Hey Guys,

    a little background info, bought this as Audi Approved 2nd hand vehicle from the Audi showroom at Zetland.

    It had 7000ks on it and now has 9000ks on it after 6 months. The vehicle comes with 2 years warranty

    I noticed a couple months some weird markings or pitting on the front 2 wheels and am a little concerned. Is this normal? It was brought to my attention by a friend, so I'm unsure how long its been there..

    If there is issues what should i be pushing for with Audi and any tips on achieving this.


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    Doesn't look too concerning.

    Are you able to wipe any of it off with your finger?

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    No, Cant wipe any of it, its dented or pitted into the brakes.

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    Need more info. Make and model of the car? Year model etc...
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    Looks normal for carbon ceramic rotors. Hop on the net and check out Porsche and BMW examples and most look worse than yours.
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    Looks normal to me compared to a ferrari?
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    thanks for your help guys, those Ferrari pics and bmw pics make me feel better!

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