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Thread: Odd behavior from replacement MMI 2G circuit board

  1. Default Odd behavior from replacement MMI 2G circuit board

    My 2008 Q7 has had some pretty significant battery drain over the past year or so, and i think I've narrowed it down to the MMI control board in the center console. I unplugged it for a week, and didn't have any battery drain issues while it was unplugged.

    I ordered a replacement board off eBay, and installed it about a week ago. Everything works fine (and the battery doesn't seem to be draining), with the exception of the rotary dial in the center of the console. When I try to turn it, it only seems to move up and down one position...I can't get to the other menu options. If I try and spin the dial as much as I can, it "may" move to some of the other menus, but ultimately its not working properly. I thought the board was faulty, but I got a replacement from the eBay seller and its doing the same thing.

    I've uploaded a video to YouTube ->

    Incidentally I found another user on another forum who has had the same problem, but unfortunately no solutions. His video is here ->

    Appreciate any help / guidance anyone might have.


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    I had the same issue when I replaced an mmi board after spilling a cup of coffee on the centre console. Try cleaning the perspex parts of the centre rotating knob section. It uses light to perform the switching functions. I did get a second replacement board whrn the first one was faulty. Works now.

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