My 2008 Q7 has had some pretty significant battery drain over the past year or so, and i think I've narrowed it down to the MMI control board in the center console. I unplugged it for a week, and didn't have any battery drain issues while it was unplugged.

I ordered a replacement board off eBay, and installed it about a week ago. Everything works fine (and the battery doesn't seem to be draining), with the exception of the rotary dial in the center of the console. When I try to turn it, it only seems to move up and down one position...I can't get to the other menu options. If I try and spin the dial as much as I can, it "may" move to some of the other menus, but ultimately its not working properly. I thought the board was faulty, but I got a replacement from the eBay seller and its doing the same thing.

I've uploaded a video to YouTube ->

Incidentally I found another user on another forum who has had the same problem, but unfortunately no solutions. His video is here ->

Appreciate any help / guidance anyone might have.