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Thread: Which ECU tune for A4?

  1. Default Which ECU tune for A4?

    Hi there.
    I've recently purchased a 2014 A4 2.0T Quattro S-Line 7-Spd DSG and am considering a Stage 1 tune.
    I'd be interested to hear opinions on the available options (IE, APR, Unitronic, others?) and to get people's take on if they really make a noticeable difference.
    Any issues during ECU update?
    It also seems to be cheaper to order direct from the US. Does this present any problems?

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes it is a huge difference you will notice! I have had no issues with APR on my previous A4. It really comes down to what dealers are around you. Apr tend to have some sales pop up once a year. Revo is very similar, you can check them out. Are you considering a DSG tune?
    Ordering direct from US would mean having to send your ecu there or ordering the flash cable to flash at home (ie IE, 034).
    If you're in Melbourne, you can give Volkwerke in Doncaster a call.
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    Thanks TheChenga. I had assumed that I would need to purchase the the flash cable any do the flash myself however I hadn't considered having a tuning shop do it for me. I'm located in Sydney. I'll search the forums to see who could do this for me in Syd.
    Will also take a look at Revo as well.

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    Give the guys at European autotech a call is Syd.

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