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    Hello fellow drivers, has anyone experienced or know anyone that has experienced damage on their vehicle after going through a touchless automatic car wash? I suffered damage on the trim around the windows. I normally get my car hand washed but I fell victim to my laziness and the convenience of the automatic car wash, but never again. This happened at a local car wash, I heard another S3 driver had the same problem a year before mine but not sure of their details or experience. Thank you all for your help in advance.
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    The acid/high ph in the car wash soap has eaten through the clear

    There was a time when the silver trim on RS cars was real aluminum, now itís just clear coated silver plastic
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    Unfortunately that is not repairable by polishing it out, as noted above the damage has penetrated through the clear coating.
    Options are to replace the lot or wrap it.
    Audi won't cover it under warranty.
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