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    Hi Everyone

    What do people think about extended warranties?

    I own a 2018 Audi TT RS and my new car warranty is about to expire.

    Audi have told me that as of 1 May they no longer offer extended warranties.

    They recommend I use Eric Insurance. Any opinions on them?

    What do you think about purchasing extended warranty in general and who would you recommend?


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    Your car, your money, your choice.
    BUT, IMHO, they're not worth the paper they're written on, and if you buy via a dealer, they're a massive commission item.

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    I hear you.
    One can't purchase through the dealer any more.
    But I can tell you that the dial for my MMI stopped working and they replaced it for free and the cost was over $4,000.
    So I guess it's similar to insurance in that it's a waste of money until you need it.

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    Devil is in the detail. When it comes to the crunch, is it fair wear and tear and not covered or will they fund all or part of your MMI example? It's economics 101 in that premiums have to substantially exceed payouts to keep their doors open so I can't see these warranties being a guarantee against all expensive failure, just some and usually those that are highly unlikely. In the end its all about whether they cover you when you need it.
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    There is definitely good and bad aftermarket warranties out there - always a good idea to review the T&Cs of the policy in fine detail and do your homework online on customer experience.

    FWIW I've only heard good things about the Eric policy - they use to be the issuer of the Audi extended warranties which made the claiming process fairly seamless through the dealer network.

    In terms of whether you should purchase an extended warranty at all, it's all down to the risk assessment and whether you think you will need to claim on the policy. Have you had the car since new? And if so, has the car given you any/many issues? Also worth considering if you are likely to modify the car as this can obviously have implications for a warranty.

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