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    I decided that I needed a reversing camera in both cars so the RS4 saga is here. I'll get around to the RS6 at another time. Not as straight forward as it should be but with a 20 year old car, nothing is. The biggest issue is actually finding one. Sure, plenty around with their own screen but the last thing I need is yet another screen so it came down to a wireless Garmin camera that paired with the Garmin GPS. Just sorting that out took time. Fitting it is no big deal other than the obvious issues with threading cables and removing and replacing old trim.

    What did interest me was that in the process I had to remove the tailgate trim and I found that the number plate lights are actually handed in the B5 and that they had been replaced in the wrong side. Clearly at some time in the distant past someone had the trim off and managed to assemble it in the 50% wrong option. Whoever had to really stretch the wiring to fit the plugs which you would have thought would have raised alarm bells, but not.

    A bit of cable replacement and that was that other than noteing that the 2 pin plugs are damn expensive if needed.

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    I'm looking at putting a rear camera on the new project car (S3) as well. I'll probably go with a new head unit as I just have the old double din concert with no screen at all.

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    It's really interesting that the first world convenience of a reversing camera can end up costing a lot more than necessary. The garmin solution is actually quite neat, wired or wireless, and it just works if you already have a Garmin gps.
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    TomTom didn't have the same thought processes so I was in the position of either buying a Garmin GPS to replace the fully functional year old TomTom in the RS6 or going with a slightly cheaper (than just the Garmin camera) wireless mirror monitor kit. I've gone that way and now to see if it is as effective as the Garmin solution. Very much a personal preference but I can't stand a picture where the RNSE screen is on a 20 year old car, ergonomically unsuitable.

    With a newer model you should have a few more options. Wish you luck.
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    I have a B7 RS4 and I did my head unit and camera at the same time.

    I went for an Alpine ILX 107 and a high quality reverse camera which appears on the screen when reverse is selected, cost around $1200 for the unit, fitting and a USB port installed under the arm rest.
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    Thats a nice setup. The RNSE works for me otherwise I'd be on the lookout for something a bit more up market like yours.

    Just a personal preference to have the screen higher and I had the garmin GPS already mounted so $230 got me the camera and quite a few free hours to fit it. I'm going to use the reversing mirror for the screen in the RS6 for the same reason.
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