Hi everyone,
Newbie to the forums here.

I currently have a MY18 S3 sportback which I am very content with. Its my second Audi (my first being a reliable 2006 manual A3 sportback which I had for many years before passing onto a friend who reports it is still going strong).
Life circumstances mean that in the next year I'll potentially need to think about a baby seat or pram. Whilst I'm happy with my humble little hatch I do a fair bit of fishing, camping and kayaking and haven't been brave enough to load my 65kg 14" kayak on top of my car. So a slightly bigger car would be welcome.

I guess I want a jack of all trades - something that still goes when I put my foot down and handles well around corners but is also practical for my lifestyle.
Most of my driving is weekend based where I am heading to the outdoors for some relaxation (although a baby might change that), I occasionally commute but less so these days.
Have averaged about 10000kms a year in my s3 for the last 3 years.

From my research it seems that the s4 avant, s5 sportback and the RSQ3 are all within similar price range give or take.
I love the styling of the RSQ3, but am a little worried ill miss being down closer to the road. I also have a soft spot for the 5 cylinder engine of the RSQ3 having been a RS3 wannabe in my s3.
The S5 sportback looks luxurious and boss to me and I like the practicality of the boot but I hear its not 100% carseat friendly.
I had actually always the s4 avant would be the natural next choice as I like its understated looks but the RSQ3 and S5 have now messed with my thinking.

Has anyone else faced a similar decision recently, or would like to chip in your 2 cents? Would be interested in your thought process/reasoning.