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Thread: Allroad C5 4.2 dreaded timing chain failure. Options?

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    @jsol youíve got to clear your inbox, canít take anymore messages.

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    Yep good idea re. pulling the lot. Can give it the once over. Inbox cleared 😎.

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    So engine out and pulled down. Found a broken timing chain guide and the output spline for the power steering pump is stripped out. Rocker cover gaskets are cooked, paint flaking and oil muck under the rocker covers look like ****. valley pan and check valves looks nasty. Inlet manifold flap looks to be seized also.

    On a positive note. timing chains, tensioners and other guides look pretty much brand new. I’m hesitant to pull the inlet cam adjusters apart as they’ve not shown any signs of malfunction and re-setting the timing seems to be a pain in the arse.


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    Now it's on with the fun part!

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    Thatís good news apart from the pump. I would strongly encourage you to inspect the adjusters as they are a known fail point. I can send you the alignment tools if you need them. Itís way easier than lining up some dodgy marks on timing pulleys etc.
    You will notice the difference when you repair the manifold flaps.

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