This is a quaestion specifically for those new owners of a B5 quattro. I've had mine 21 years now and am well removed from the current market situation. What I'm looking at is the price range people paid for their acquisition in the last two to three years. I'm not planning to sell, it is more comparing the market with the cost of the usual timing belt service plus a set of new tyres.

I have seen the A4 being sold at $1500 at the occasional auction, maybe even less. I have no idea what the condition was, it may even have been quite useable. There have been the occasional modified / rebuilt ones at a premium but I'm more interested in the stock standard GP version (132 Kw).

I just happen to be due a timing belt service and new tyres soon and that is in the order of $1500 for parts only, using the brand names I trust. If the car is actually only worth $1500 or a smidge more, it does seem a little extravagent to spend the cars total worth on a service.

It isn't as if I need the car to drive, albeit I would drive it anywhere, more a case of rationalising the current value of the car and what I should continue to spend on it. The bang for buck of $1500 in the A4 is however huge, I get an effectively new car whereas $1500 is probably one RS currency unit and doesn't give much in return.